Why hello there...it's nice to meet you!

I'm so glad you decided to stop by White Oak Farms, and I do hope you'll visit often.  

Here's a little about our family:

The Alexander Family

Josh and I first started dating in high school, and we've been married almost 15 years.  We have 2 beautiful children, and we live on a 20-acre farm in West Tennessee with 2 dogs, a barn cat rescue, honeybees, chickens and goats.  About 3 years ago, we traded in big city living in Nashville, Tennessee to move back to our roots in West Tennessee.  We went from 2 big daily work commutes and a city of around 650,000 to a small, quiet town, population maybe 5,000.  

To say we did a complete 180 is an understatement.  Was it easy in the beginning?  Absolutely not!  I, personally questioned our move a million times and kept looking back at realtracs.com and realtor.com to see if we could buy in our old neighborhood again.  I missed my friends, I missed my old house, I missed the nightlife, and I missed all of the amenities of big city living (especially access to amazing shopping).    

But you know what, over time, that desire to move back faded, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else and raising my kids.  God planted us exactly where He wanted us to be, and every day I wake up grateful to live out in the country, on this farm, and be a part of a simpler lifestyle.

Even though we may have left the big city, we still enjoy all the same hobbies we had before and we've had time to add some more.  Josh and I still love DIY renovations (we're on our 5th house in 15 years, and we've renovated every single one of them).  We both love cooking-Josh is more of the grilling enthusiast and I'm more of the baker of the family.  We also both have a heart for entertaining and gathering friends and family together.  In fact, we love it so much, we are opening The Venue at White Oak Farms this year on our farm!  I can't wait to share more details about that space as it is being constructed.

Although the blog you are reading is "new," I've been blogging for several years now.  I first started blogging when I was a full-time event planner in Nashville.  I featured weddings and parties I was working on at the time, party planning tips, recipes, menu ideas, and fun, DIY projects to customize your event.  I loved getting to share details of the weddings and events I planned, as well as share quick tips on how to create the perfect event.

After leaving full-time event planning about five years ago, I took a break from blogging.  However, when we moved back to West Tennessee, I couldn't wait to share our house DIY renovations, as well as what life on a farm entails since I was a newbie to this whole way of life "out in the country."   Over a year and half ago, I created a blog called "Busy as Bees."  It was an outlet for me to share what we were up to, and post updates on our renovation progress.

On this blog, my family and I will continue to share details of our life in West Tennessee, and you'll get to hear from all of 4 of us.  I'm going to be incorporating party planning tips, recipe ideas, meal ideas for families, DIY renovation tips and videos, and so much more.  Josh will be sharing his experiences duck hunting, how-to tips for house projects, and gardening and grilling information.  My kids will share things that they love about life out here.

The motto for our house and our venue is: "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends."  I hope you'll feel the same way after reading our blog!

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing so much more with you in 2017.  

~All the best,