Cheers to 40 Years!

The Alexanders turn 40!  

The Alexanders turn 40!  

Our 40th Birthday Celebration!

The year was 1977-the year both Josh and I were both born in Jackson, Tennessee.  Yes, I am older (but only by a month!)  Turning 40 was definitely a milestone birthday for both of us, and we celebrated by throwing ourselves our own party in our venue.

Some people can't believe that I would want to plan my own party.  Y'all-I wouldn't have it any other way!  I have to admit that secretly, I've been planning this party in my head for a long time.  The minute I knew our venue would be complete the same year we turned 40, I knew that we were going to celebrate big time!  Like my wedding and wedding reception, I wish I could hit "rewind" and go back to that birthday party night and relive it.  We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate such a big birthday than surrounded by friends and family, in our own place, with lots of fun memories all wrapped up in one night.

Party Details:

  • Invitations- Custom Designed with Anna Peebles from You're Invited Nashville
  • Party- Black & Gold Theme
  • Food- Sassafraz, Union City; menu custom designed for the event to include Josh and Stephanie's favorite "fall" foods; late night treat from McDonald's Medina
  • Cake- Charlene Cowden
  • Napkins and custom cups-Anna Peebles from You're Invited Nashville
  • Florals-I created these and used lanterns from Joanna Gaines collection at Target
  • D.J.-Chris Henson of Milan, Tennessee
  • Photographer-Janelle Vest

When guests arrived, they were greeted by my son, Will, who served as the evening's official door holder.  (It was a job he took very seriously, and looked so cute doing I might add).  We had a gold glitter backdrop for photos, along with a box of photo props that Chris Henson, our D.J., brought with him.  

Speaking of our D.J., we had worked with him for several months on a plan of what we were doing for our party.  Music is so important to me and Josh, and we knew we wanted that to be the biggest part of the night.

Chris, our DJ, recently moved back to West Tennessee from California, so he brought with him a ton of high-tech equipment.  For our party, we had 3 big screen T.V.s on silver trusses in our Main Hall.  We had old music videos and TV ads running on one TV (think 1980s in all of its fabulousness), our slideshow of memories running on the middle TV, and music videos of the song that was actually playing appeared on the 3rd screen.  During one part of the night, Chris had a go-pro camera stationed above the crowd that caught all of the dance floor action on the TVs live for everyone to watch!  

As the night got late and everyone was having a great time dancing, I had pre-arranged for one of our friend's daughters to pick up hot fries and chocolate chip cookies from McDonald's and deliver them on a silver platter on the dance floor.  Seriously-that was one of my favorite moments of the night because no one was expecting it.  Who doesn't love a hot box of McDonald's fries as a late night snack?  


Our whole family got in on the Black and Gold theme!

Our whole family got in on the Black and Gold theme!

More Party Pics!

So in addition to the photos that our fabulous photographer Janelle took, we got a ton of pictures texted to us after our party.  We also had a hashtag just for our event so lots of these photos came from Instagram as well.   (Check out everyone's take on the "Black and Gold" theme we had going).

And that's a wrap on 4-0!

I'm not sure how we'll top turning 40.  Hands down it was one of my favorite birthdays ever!  Being surrounded by friends and family is exactly how Josh and I wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday.





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