City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair at White Oak Farms Recap!

City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair

Last week, we opened our doors for the first time to the public.  I can't think of a better way to kick-off our event venue being open than with a licensed City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair.  We had vendors travel from around the country to sell one-of-a-kind pieces.  

Thursday night started off with a super fun Preview Party night.  Shoppers came for the "First-of-the-Fair" to be able to shop before the doors opened to general admission ticket holders on Friday and Saturday.  The Venue was filled with antiques and vintage home furnishings, live music, delicious food and drinks.  We truly had a party going on inside The Venue, and you could feel the energy and excitement from all the Preview Party patrons.  The sunset that night overlooking the group tent was absolutely stunning.  As music filled the air, shoppers were interacting with the vendors, discussing the stories behind the pieces they had brought with them.  

The doors opened early Friday morning, and we had people that had driven from Nashville waiting in line at 8:00 a.m. to get inside!  They said they were such huge fans of the original City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair in Franklin, Tennessee that they weren't going to miss this one.  Josh and I met shoppers from Kentucky, Arkansas, Middle Tennessee, Memphis and of course, from all over West Tennessee.  The weather was hot, but the shoppers didn't mind!  They had access to some of the best merchandise, and I loved seeing people tag us on Facebook and Instagram with all of their finds.  We had live music going throughout the day, food trucks lining our grassy lawn, and shoppers got a sneak peek of Kim Leggett's new book-City Farmhouse Style-while they were here.  Kim and Jason Parker Counce treated shoppers to a hands-on workshop using merchandise from the booths on how to create farmhouse style decor in the home.  It was such a treat to get Kim and Jason's take on how to take purchases from the Fair and create the look both of them are known for in the antiques industry.  

Saturday morning, as the sun was rising, we were already unlocking the venue for vendors to come back in.  Before the doors opened, the vendors were busy bringing in "new" merchandise to restock their booths.  (This was one of my favorite things to watch.  I have always been a shopper at The City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair, so to see it from a behind-the-scenes perspective was so much fun).  

Saturday was much like Friday, in that people were lined up at the door waiting to get in when the doors opened.  We ran 2 shuttle buses from downtown Medina, so shoppers could take advantage of Medina's historic downtown Main Street before and after they shopped The City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fair.  We had more live music, more food trucks, and of course, more shopping!  

The Fair was a huge hit, both with shoppers and vendors.  So many people commented on how nice everyone in West Tennessee is!  Thanks to the super talented Elizabeth Looney Scott, we have some amazing images that captured the weekend so well.  Make sure to check out her portfolio of work at: // Facebook: Elizabeth Looney Photography // Instagram: @lifestyleinfocus

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