Farmhouse Renovations in Progress

Many of y'all saw our announcement last week that Josh and I purchased a 1940's farmhouse down the road from us to renovate.  I promised to share details and more pictures on the progress.  Each week until we finish, I'll be giving you insight into the process.

Renovation-Week 1

The first week after we bought it, we went over as a family to tour the house and figure out where we were going to start.  While we were there, I noticed that the drywall separating the attic staircase with the downstairs guest bedroom had a several small holes in it. You could literally see into the guest bedroom through those holes.  I didn't think Josh would say "yes" immediately, because he likes to process things going into a renovation.  But, I said, "Josh, I've never gotten to kick down a wall before.  Could I do this one?"  He was like, "Yea, I don't see why not."  I seriously couldn't believe he was letting me do this.

Here was my first experience getting to do a part of demo work I've never gotten to do before! You can see my youngest sneaking into the video towards the end.  He couldn't wait to use his karate skills on that wall.

After I did it, and my youngest kicked it in, it totally became a family affair.  My oldest child couldn't wait to get her turn at it.  Listen to the end of this video...she asks if it's going to hurt her shoes!  Gotta love a girl who's concerned about her shoes during a demo.

After tearing down the wall, Josh started using a crowbar to get rid of the rest of the drywall that was left beneath the stairs.  You are going to be amazed at what we found hiding behind that drywall-vintage floral wallpaper!

Here are some closer shots of that vintage wallpaper:

We salvaged as much as we could, and we're going to frame pieces of it in white gallery frames with white mats.  I'm going to keep one, and Sarah, my Venue Coordinator, is going to keep one.  I just had to use it for something, and I think a sweet display of it in both of our homes will be beautiful.  

More Images from Demo Day

Besides demo-ing that wall that first day, we also did the following:

  • Removed a lot of carpet and flooring
  • Started taking measurements of rooms, walls, and taking notes
  • Started making a list of supplies we'd need for the project
  • Started making an outline of a timeline

DIY/Renovation Tip:

Whenever we start a DIY project, I always have a small journal-one that will fit in my purse, a measuring tape, and a small plastic pouch.  I use the journal to make lists of supplies, TO-DO lists for our projects, paint colors and their numbers, and a list of all measurements we need.  That way, I have a journal with me with everything in it, and I don't have to search for my notes.  (Josh does something similar but he uses the "notes" section of his Iphone).  Also, I keep the measuring tape with me for when I'm out shopping and need measure things like vanities, light fixtures, etc.  Finally, the small plastic pouch is a convenient way to keep track of receipts.

More Demo Day Pictures (Photo Cred: My oldest child)

My oldest wanted to help "document" the first day of demo, so I let her have full reins of the process.  She had a blast capturing moments throughout that day.  Here are her pictures, and I love they're from her vantage point.

So the last thing I want to share with you about that day was another thing we "uncovered."  Josh and I were standing in the kitchen, and we were analyzing the ceiling.  There were acoustic tiles throughout the house, and they made the ceilings seem way lower than they actually were.  We were trying to figure out how we were going to tackle the ceiling, and Josh decided to start ripping some of the tiles down.  

Here's what we found:

Beneath those styrofoam acoustic tiles was tongue and groove wood.  Score!

Beneath those styrofoam acoustic tiles was tongue and groove wood.  Score!

Okay, so that "win" of finding the wood ceilings was short lived when we realized just how much work was going to go into getting them in good shape.  But, I couldn't stand to cover up that original wood so we moved forward with keeping the wood plank ceiling.  

We went to the guest bedroom and tried to see if we could see wood ceilings in it as well.  Luckily, when Josh knocked back the acoustic tile, it was wood plank ceiling.  But....there was a layer of a gauzy material followed by a layer of wallpaper-like material. There were tons of nails and staples holding the two "fabric" layers together on the wood.

I've never seen anything like it-in real life or on a TV show.  Here's a shot of what we found:

The day we spent over there working on the demo of the wall, unearthing that vintage wallpaper and seeing how the house was going to take shape in the future was such a fun day for us.  I loved my whole family participating and being a part of it.  I think my kids will always remember the day they were able to tear down "that wall" in the farmhouse.  That's the only time they'll get to kick a hole in any of my walls.  

So, this is just the beginning of this project.  It's been a long process, and we've been putting in a ton of hours at this house.  I can't wait to share more pictures and videos next week.  I'll hope you stay tuned!