A "Sweet" 9th Birthday

A few years ago, I planned this fun disco-themed party for a 9-year old.  

Disco Party
Disco Party

We converted per parent's garage into a dance hall, complete with black draping across the walls, a DJ and a Titan's dance instructor!

I had a #9 made for the dessert table in hot pink balloons, a full candy buffet with personalized Chinese take-out boxes, zebra striped paper cones filled with goodies and a rocking disco ball!

Disco Party 2

Party Tips:

  • If you are creating a candy buffet, use a combination of glassware in varying sizes.  I always keep a closet full with an assortment of vases.  Remember, they don't have to be used just for flowers!
  • Wal-Mart sells inexpensive "penny candy" jars-the cute ones with the silver lids.  I keep a variety of these on hand for parties.
  • I like to use fun ribbon and embellishments from the scrapbook aisle at Hobby Lobby or Michael's to add pops of color to my glassware.  I found fun gum-ball machines that I hot-glued to ribbon and added to the front of the glassware.
  • For the chips and pretzels, I used ice cream cone holders and created paper cones using scrapbook paper!  It's fun to think outside for the box for serving ideas.  I found a template online and used double-sided tape to keep it held together.
  • To hold lollipops in a glass vase, add jellybeans to the vase.  This adds more color, and helps stabilize the lollipops!

Check out more pictures from Kristen Steele Photography:

Enjoy the rest of your Friyay!!



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