Life as a Duck Hunter's Wife

Duck Hunting season is O-V-E-R.  My hubby might be a little sad, but I'm doing a little happy dance inside.  I know he throughly enjoys it, and he and his friends look forward to their duck hunting time all year long.  I know it lets him reconnect with nature, which he so enjoys.  It lets him have time with the guys-which we all know is important in a marriage.  But, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty happy when the season is officially done.  You duck hunter/deer hunter wives out there...can I get an Amen?  

The kids and I have been on duck hunting trips with him, and because it's important we make memories as a family sharing in each other's passions.  The kids usually are excited about riding on the 4-Wheeler or in the boat before sunrise.  But that excitement lasts only a little bit before they are begging to go back to the house.  "Mom, I'm freezing."  "Mom, how much longer?"  "Mom, I ready to go back."  Of course, the whole time I'm having to tell them to whisper, because Daddy is busy calling in the ducks, and we've got to be quiet.  I've bribed them with hot chocolate, junk food we picked up at the only gas station for miles, and prayed we bought enough Hot Hands to keep everyone warm in the blind.  The kids are good sports though, but the minute we say it's over, and we're headed home, a collective sigh of relief is usually heard.  Honestly, they have just as much fun running around the house the guys stay in during duck season.  We let them run wild outside, they can eat anything they want, and they love the bunk bed room lined with rows and rows of bunks.  

I have to say for me I didn't grow up in a hunting family.  My dad enjoyed sports, but hunting wasn't his thing.  So, I had to learn to "appreciate" hunting when Josh and I started dating.  He, his dad and his brother are avid hunters, and he's been around it his whole life.  Bless his mom for all those years she let the boys hunt!  I'll never forget when Josh and I started dating, and I saw a Trivial Pursuit card displayed in his dad's office.  The question was: What did Prince Charles say is "all right, but I find it interferes with my hunting?"  Answer: Marriage

Arkansas Duck Hunting

One of the things I have loved about going duck hunting really isn't about the hunting itself.  It's about being that close to nature.  I am mesmerized by watching the ducks come in.  The sunrises are breathtaking on the water, and watching my man call in the ducks is pretty cool.  I can't even make the duck call thing work right, so I know it's a talent.  I love riding out on the water early in the morning before "life" has started.  It's quiet; it's peaceful, and I'm literally in awe of God's creation.  That's my word for the year-"awe".  I want to live life in awe.  I want to stop and take in the breathtaking scenery and not rush to the next task.  I want to pause my life, you know the life that the world wants all of us to live at lightening speed.  I want to live in the moment and take in everything around me.  Ironically, my husband's favorite past-time allows me to do just that-be in awe!

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