Our Farmhouse Renovation Project

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared some before and after pictures of the renovations we have done on our house.  It has been a labor of love, and I know Josh and I will probably never stop with projects at our house.  We do really love it, and I'm always dreaming of ways to make updates and changes.  This isn't the first house we've renovated-our love for home renovations started over 15 years ago.

When we first got married and bought our first house, we did little projects here and there in that house.  We painted all the rooms, and changed out the flooring in the den.   I'll never forget how excited I was to rip out the carpet and change it for hardwood laminate.  Josh and his friends installed it, and it was so thin and so flimsy, but it's what we could afford our first year of marriage, and I was so happy with it.    It looked so much better than the carpet that had been in there, and I was in love with the look of it.  I think that flooring project started our passion for DIY projects.  

The next house we bought was a 1950s ranch style house in West Nashville, and it required a lot of renovation work.  One day, I'll share pics of the before and after of that house.  I had a 4 month old when we decided to completely gut the kitchen and start from scratch.  Y'all...what was I thinking?  Besides the kitchen renovation, we removed walls, redid the basement, reglazed pink bathroom tile, and of course painted every room.  Painting every room seems to be a common theme for me!  Honestly, it's the easiest, quickest way to see transformation happen.

The third house we lived in will always be one of my favorites.  We moved to Brentwood, TN, and I loved our house and our sweet neighborhood.  The bones of the house were great, and we just had to do some cosmetic upgrades, including painting, updating the two fireplaces in the house, changing light fixtures, and combining 2 rooms into one by removing french doors.  If we had not moved back home to West Tennessee, I had big plans for that house.  What's so fun is that I recently ran into the people that bought that house from us.  We spent an hour talking about ideas that I had planned on doing in that house, and I loved we had that connection of living in the same house.  

Now that we are slowing down on projects in our house, we decided to turn our attention to another project.   Call us crazy, but I guess Josh and I always feel like we need a project.  I tell people all the time-get rid of your TV/Cable and I promise you'll want projects to keep you busy too.  Back last fall, my friend was selling a house down the road from us.  We pass that home everyday on our way to town, and I remember thinking what a sweet house it was.  Apparently Josh had been wondering about that house too, as he was on his way to work each day.  

Since my friend had it listed, I called her and said I'd love to look at it the next time she showed it.  It's a quaint little farmhouse built in the 1940s, and I was just curious as to what the inside looked like.  I love old historic homes, and honestly I just wanted to peek in and see how it was built.  I knew there must be a lot of history in that house, and it sits on a really beautiful plot of land that looks over open farmland.  I'm telling y'all-the beauty of West TN farmland can't be beat.  

My friend, the realtor, called me one day and told me to pop by in an hour.  I toured the house, called Josh to come look at it, and we both fell in love with this 2-bedroom house.  There's an attic upstairs which slept a ton of kids when it was actually a farmhouse.  Rumor has it, 11 kids slept up there.  I'm still trying to learn more and more history about the original owners.  

Over the next month, I'm going to be sharing more about this farmhouse renovation.  You'll get to see what's been taking place over the last four months, including the complete restoration/renovation of the interior!  We have not left one wall or one room untouched.  We've been updating it, remodeling it, and getting it ready for its new occupants.  

And, what's even more fun, the first two people who are going to live in this house just happen to be really special to us.  Sarah, our Venue and Social Media/Marketing Coordinator for White Oak Farms, and her husband, Levi, will be moving in to this house.  She'll be right around the corner from the venue, and we're excited that they are going to be living in it.

Sarah and I have laughed and practically cried together as we've removed so many staples from the ceiling (more to come on that process), painted so many rooms, and yes, still have more to go.  Levi and Josh have been doing the more labor intensive parts of the project-Josh has been tackling bathroom renovations, the kitchen gut, installing drywall; while Levi has been tackling some plumbing and flooring projects.  What's also been really fun is having Sarah and Levi's friends stop in to help during the process, and my kids have had a blast getting to know them along the way.    

Without further ado, here are some "before" pictures of our Farmhouse I wanted to share with y'all.  I think you'll see why Josh and I fell in love with this place, and I hope you'll stick around to watch this project unfold!