Our First Kitchen Renovation (circa 2007)


Back in early 2007, we had a 3 month old baby, had just sold our house and decided to buy a 1956 ranch-style home in Nashville, Tennessee.  This home had great bones, but needed a ton of updates and we were up for the challenge.  I love the simplicity of ranch-style houses, and Josh and I fell in love with this house (despite all the work it needed).  

We completely gutted the kitchen, redid the office into a nursery, built out the basement into a playroom, redid all the floors and updated every square inch of this house with new paint, new light fixtures, tore out walls, and so much more.

I'm pretty sure this house on Rolling Fork taught us the most when it came to renovations.  We learned not to be scared of homes that needed work, and we put a ton of sweat equity into this house to make it our home.  Josh and I have a thing for older homes that need a little extra love, and we owe that to this house.  We learned when to hire a professional and when we could do things on our own.  Getting the chance to update this house is why we had such a connection to that house.  We literally knew every square inch because we had worked so tirelessly on it!

I wish I had a ton more before pictures, but I didn't document the renovation in this home like I have the other homes we've done.  

Before Pictures of our Kitchen

Check out the pictures below, and you'll see why I couldn't wait to get my hands on this kitchen.  Between the orange walls, the green and orange tile and the outdated cabinets, I just didn't even want to cook in here.

Demo and Construction in Progress

After Pictures

This little kitchen became the hot spot for our house.  We entertained in there, had dance parties with the kids when they were little and threw many a dinner party in there.  It was where our babies became toddlers and ate their first meals.  We spent many days looking out the windows at all the deer that wandered our yard daily.  I will always have a special place in my heart for our first kitchen renovation!

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