Renovation Series- Part 4

Today marks the last in a 4-part series of the renovation in our house.  We literally have touched every single surface in this house over the last three years, and I'm so happy with things we've done to make it our home.  Today, I'm going to focus on the downstairs and how we changed that space.

In case you missed the other posts, here are some pictures of the interior from the online listing of our house.

Interior Downstairs Pictures-BEFORE

Interior Downstairs Pictures-AFTER

I'm happy to share the transformation that has taken place in the downstairs of our home.

Ways we transformed the space:

  • The whole interior (ceilings, walls and trim) were painted the same color as our kitchen.  I wanted to unify the whole space, as well as lighten everything up!
  • We removed the 2 stained glass windows in the kitchen that were blocking natural light.  
  • We had the hardwood floors sanded and re-stained.  They had a reddish tint to them before, and I prefer a darker brown stain.  We used Jacobean stain (I've had that in my past 3 houses).    
  • We updated every light fixture throughout the downstairs.  Luckily, Josh is super handy with changing these out.  I happen to LOVE light fixtures, so I'm glad he's able to make it happen!
  • We painted and updated the stairs.  Ultimately, I would prefer to completely change out the railing, finial and spindles, but that would require a lot of work.  So, I used paint and a homemade stair runner for now.  
  • Let's talk about that homemade stair runner.  Thanks to my cousin's wife, she gave me the tip of joining 3 smaller runners together to create the look of a full stair runner.  It was a super easy project, and with little kids, it makes me feel safer than having just the exposed stair treads.  

I hope you enjoyed this 4-part series on our home renovation.  Josh and I have another renovation that's in the works right now, and we'll be revealing that very soon!  Stay tuned to this blog for updates on that.  Here's a hint-it's not happening at our house!