Renovation Series-Part 3: The Master

Renovation Series-Part 3: The Master

You've seen my kitchen and my exterior, and in part 3 of this renovation series, I'm going to share details on our master bedroom and bath.  We actually ended up doing the bath remodel late last year, and it was a mix of DIY projects and hiring someone to do the tile work. 

Here are some before pictures of the master and master bathroom from the online listing of our house.  As you can see below, there is a very large oversized tub, tile countertops, a small builder-grade acrylic shower, and lots of heart shaped tile accents.  It was the last thing in our house I needed to put my stamp on and make my own. 

Pictures before and during the renovation:

Steps to our renovation process:

  1. We removed the tile countertops, tile floor, bathtub and acrylic shower.
  2. We removed the oval mirrors.
  3. We hired someone to lay the tile floors, install the tile in the shower and install the countertops.
  4. We had a new soaking tub installed.
  5. Josh installed a new chandelier over the bathtub.
  6. We put up wallpaper as an accent wall behind the mirrors.
  7. Josh installed bead board and chair rail to replace the wall where the previous tub was installed.
  8. We painted the whole room.
  9. We had a new shower door installed with clear pane glass.
  10. We repainted the vanity and put new knobs on the doors and drawers.

After Pictures:

DIY Tips and Tricks:

·      We reused our bathroom sinks and only had to get new faucets.

·      We reused our bathroom vanity sconces.

·      I shopped extensively for a bathtub and ended up buying one at a discount building supply place called Tuck’s in Martin, TN.

·      I wanted to buy a marble slab remnant but had trouble finding one in the size of our vanity (it’s a really unique shape); so we ended up using marble tiles to get a similar look.  I may update down the road but for right now, it works just fine for us.

·     For $30, I painted the vanity with a crisp shade of white

·      I updated the hardware on the vanity using knobs from Lowe's.  (In other renovations, I've used Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Ebay to get knobs.)

·      I bought my chandelier from JossandMain (one of my fave lighting sources)

·      I created my own art using bird prints from and frames from Hobby Lobby.  I updated the mats using inexpensive gold spray paint.

·      The wallpaper came from Ebay from an interior decorator in Chicago.

·      I learned how to install wallpaper by watching YouTube videos.

·      My rug came from Rugs USA (they have amazing specials like 60-70% off)

I hope you are enjoying the before and afters of our house as much as we are. Stay tuned for more projects coming soon!