We have the keys!

It's official...on Friday we received the keys to The Venue at White Oak Farms.  Josh and I have spent the last 2+ years working on this project, and to finally get the keys was a momentous occasion for us!  We cannot say thank you enough to Joe Shearin and his whole crew at Fisher Construction.  Joe has been with us every step of the way on this project, and we are extremely grateful to him.  We are also super thankful to every worker who had a hand in this project.  They spent countless hours making my and Josh's dream become a reality, and for that, we will always be thankful.  God gave everyone unique talents, and I'm in awe of all the woodworkers, floor layers, electricians, painters and landscapers who used their skills to work on our building.  Also, a big shout out to Nelson Cunningham from Green Valley Farms who helped make our landscaping happen.  

We are still moving furniture in, getting the bride's and groom's suites ready, and putting finishing touches throughout the building.  We'll have full venue pictures, including detailed shots of all of the rooms soon.  But, I didn't want to delay in getting these images out today.

The Venue at White Oak Farms