Week 3-Farmhouse Renovations

Just another night of renovations

Just another night of renovations

We are getting closer and closer every day to being finished with our farmhouse renovation.   Our goal is to have it move-in-ready on May 1st, so we are in crunch time.

Over the last few months, we've been working extremely hard on many projects with this farmhouse.  Josh is the "boss" over this project, and we've been taking our cues from him since this project started.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for ALL the hard work he has been putting into this house.  Everyday, he heads straight over there from work, and works late every night trying to get this project finished.  He's been putting in tons of hours every weekend too.  He loves building and working with his hands, and has told me really enjoys the projects he's doing.  His dedication and commitment to this renovation are turning this house into the cutest little farmhouse.  His "crew" consists of me, (sometimes the kids) and on the weekends we have Sarah, Levi and often their friends helping us as well.  It takes a village, and there's a lot of sweat equity going into this house.

Here's what I love about a DIY renovation-you can really appreciate everything in a house when you have spent hours working on projects in it.  In this house, no one except those of us that have worked on it, will ever understand how many staples were pulled from the ceilings. No one, other than us "workers", will ever fully appreciate the number of coats of paint it took on the walls and ceilings.  Let me just say-white is tricky, y'all!!  

I think when you get to a know a house as intimately as we have on the DIY projects we've done over the years, you really do fall in love with a house.  You get to know every nook and cranny, and start seeing it as more than a house.  For us, every house we've worked on really does become a labor of love.

Our Renovation Checklist:

  1. We removed all the flooring in the entire house, including carpet, and linoleum.
  2. We gutted the bathroom to make way for a brand new tub, new flooring and new vanity.
  3. We closed in a linen closet that was in the hallway so we could gain more space for the full-size bathroom.
  4. We practically gutted the kitchen.  We kept the lower cabinets mostly intact (except the ones Josh removed to fit a dishwasher in).  Previously, this house did not have a dishwasher.
  5. We replaced all the countertops in the kitchen.  
  6. We are completely changing the look of the interior of the kitchen.  You won't want to miss those pics!
  7. We moved a wall in the kitchen to open up the room more to the eat-in area.
  8. We are adding barnwood to the kitchen to help frame out a wall and wrap a load-bearing column.  Fun side note-the barnwood is coming from our personal stash from when Josh and I gutted our horse barn to convert it to a hangout barn.  
  9. We removed all the acoustic tiles from the ceilings and found wood plank ceiling underneath.  There was a layer of gauze-like material and wallpaper that had to be removed.  And, unfortunately, a MILLION staples in the ceiling holding it all together.  We had to hand remove all the staples from the ceiling with pliers.  If we never see a staple again, we'll be okay.  
  10. We primed and painted all the wood ceilings, wood trim and doors.
  11. Levi is going to build an island for the kitchen for extra storage, since we lost a lot of upper cabinets.
  12. We removed a window in the guest bedroom that was boarded up and looked into the garage.  We enclosed it so that the guest room wouldn't have a view to parked cars.
  13. We painted every room, and we're in the process of replacing all the trim.
  14. We are changing out all the light fixtures and fans.

Pictures of the Renovation Process

Please continue to check back in with our farmhouse renovation.  We are going to spend the next few weeks putting finishing touches on everything, and I'll get to reveal the before and after!  I promise-you're in for a really beautiful transformation.