Frequently Asked Questions

Photo by Amber Ridge Photography

Photo by Amber Ridge Photography


Common FAQs

What is the rental fee and what does it include?

Click here for our pricing guide to see all the amenities your investment includes.

Is there a deposit?  When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

We can divide your payment in up to 6 payments to make it easier on you as you budget for your wedding.  We require that all balances owed are fully paid 60 days before your wedding. Your first payment will include the $350 refundable damage deposit.

What is the building capacity?

Fire code says 296 people.  For an indoor seated ceremony, the maximum we hold inside with rows/chairs is 240.  So, in the event of inclement weather, we recommend keeping your guest count below 240 for our venue.  The capacity also changes based on how many tables you want, if you’re having a DJ or band, if you’re serving alcohol, what your food and cake setup looks like, etc.

What dates are available?

Please check our availability calendar. We update it regularly.

How do I reserve a date?

The great news is that all you have to do is send us an email to: with your name, your requested date and if you have a backup date.  We will then start the contract process. We’ll email you with a list of information we need for your contract.  Because we are 100% paperless, we do all of this online. We know your time is valuable and you may not be able to travel here in person. You can digitally sign your contract, and your first invoice will be due 1 week from contract signature.  We do not “hold” dates; instead, the first person to sign the contract and make their first payment gets the date.

Do we have to utilize your caterers on your Preferred Vendor List?

Because we have worked with so many brides and grooms, we have seen first-hand how important it is to hire reputable licensed and insured caterers.  We have several caterers on our Preferred Vendor List that we recommend to our clients. If they’ve never been here before, they also have to agree to our Catering Rules before coming to the venue. They will sign at the end of the evening that they have cleaned the kitchen according to our guidelines.  

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

Yes, Jackson and Milan are the two closest cities with hotels.  Luckily, there are plenty of options for lodging for all types of budgets. We work with some great partner hotels as well that provide our clients with a private client website for blocks of rooms.  

Do you have onsite parking?

Yes we do!  In fact, it’s right in front of the building complete with a well-lit parking lot.  We also have a parking pad so elderly or handicapped guests can easily be dropped off right by the doors.  You won’t have to worry about shuttling guests, finding parking on a busy road, or having to pay for shuttles or valet!  

Do you provided table linens? 

We made the decision early on not to include table linens.  Because every bride’s style is different, we don’t want to limit your options.  Instead, we have several extremely qualified rental companies on our Preferred Vendor List who specialize in linens.  They are a great resource for our brides because they have colors and styles to fit any budget. They also have keycode access to our venue for drop-off and pick-up-we trust them that much!

We plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to have our ceremony at White Oak Farms.  Does that change the price?  

Because we only rent the venue for one wedding per day, we do not have different pricing for couples that don’t host a ceremony here.  We recommend you use our Bride and Groom’s Suites to get ready and take photos on the property during the day. Then, you can leave for the ceremony and come back for the reception.  

Do you allow dogs onsite to play a part in our wedding day?

Yes, we love when couples include their furry friends in their wedding day celebration.  We must approve the dog in writing. All dogs must be leashed at all times or in a crate.  If they need to go to the bathroom, we ask that it is no where near the courtyard or where guests will be walking.  Because food is being prepared in the kitchen, we ask that dogs are not near the kitchen. We also ask that dogs do not go upstairs in the Bride or Groom's Suite because other guests/brides might be allergic. 

What form of payment do you accept?

Because we use online invoicing, we make choosing a form of payment super easy.  You can choose to mail a check, use your bank account via our online system doing an e-check (1.5% fee), or choose a credit card (3% processing fee). All fees be filled as one final invoice once all payments are made.

My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

No-instead we have chosen to use an online availability of dates that we update regularly.  If a date opens up, you’ll see it in real-time on our calendar of availability.

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

All start times are listed on your contract.  

When is the next open house for booked clients?  

Click here to see a list of our open house dates for booked clients.

What time do you suggest we start the ceremony? 

Because you have the venue the entire day, you will get to choose what time you start your ceremony!  We leave that up to you. However, we always suggest checking with your photographer to make sure you’ve taken into account things such as the sunset.  The sunset sets over the courtyard, so if you are having an outdoor ceremony there you’ll want to talk with your photographer about lighting. We also suggest looking at a Farmer’s Almanac to help “predict” what time the sun will set on your wedding day.   

Are outside snacks and trays permitted?

Yes, we do allow you to bring in small snacks and trays for the Bride and Groom’s Suites.  Sometimes our couples will have those in the suites. Other times, they will set up a table in the kitchen for the wedding party to make plates.  We know it’s important to eat before the ceremony starts.

Can we take photos around the farm on our wedding day?

Yes absolutely.  You will have access to our entire property the day of your wedding.  We have various photo spots, so you’ll have a wide variety of places to take different shots.  Make sure to check out our Real Weddings on our blog to see more of those from recent weddings! During the Open Houses for booked couples you can also scope out where you want to take those pictures on your big day.

Who designs our Seating/Layout?

Couples that hire a wedding planner usually work with their planner on a layout. But, we can also design a layout for you!  In fact, we want you to have a plan for your wedding day and a layout is an important part of that.  We need your seating/layout no later than 30 days before your event, but we can do it at anytime.

Once you are ready to make your layout, you would send an email to and she’ll send you a questionnaire asking you questions about your wedding. Then, we’ll put together a draft layout and email it to you for you to approve. Our brides say that having a layout and walking in to a space that is ready to go on their wedding day starts the day stress-free. We think that’s crucial for our couples!

What kitchen amenities are available?

There is a large refrigerator, 3-compartment commercial sink, 4 prep tables and a handwashing sink. The bar area in the Tack Room has a stainless steel ice-bin you have access to.  There is also a large white cooler in the kitchen for extra ice.  

Who is in charge of cleanup?

You will not be in charge of sweeping, mopping, or breaking down White Oak Farms tables or chairs. You will be asked to remove all personal belongings from the bride and groom suites upstairs and any decor items you have brought with you before your rental ends.

May we take bridal and/or engagement pictures on property?

Absolutely! We are honored that you would want to take such memorable pictures with us. Our Booked Couple Open Houses are a great time to do this. We also schedule private outdoor engagement shoots based on our date availability.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Tables and chairs are provided. You will need to rent linens from a rental company.

Why should I use vendors on the Preferred Vendor List?

We encourage you to use vendors on our preferred vendor list for several reasons.  First, we recognize them as some of the best in the industry in our area. They have worked at our venue and know our rules.  This is crucial for caterers! Second, often times, they have special discounts just for White Oak Farms clients! Third, many of them have backdoor access to our facility (we trust them that much).  So sometimes we allow them to come in before and after hours for deliveries, depending on the bookings we have.

What if i want to hire someone not on your preferred vendor list?

You will want to reach out to us in writing at for written approval prior to hiring them.  We want to make sure we have not had a negative experience with them at our venue previously. We recommend bringing vendors unfamiliar with our venue to one of our Booked Couple Open Houses we host.

How long do we get to use your facilities?

Your specific contract will have your start time and end time. Please note that the end time is the time that all items should be removed, all guests departed and all vendors gone from the premises. 

What decor restrictions do you all have?

We want our all white walls to be fresh for ALL clients.  We do allow Command hooks in the shiplap entry only. Installation of Command Hooks, tape, staples, nails, screws, or other fasteners are not allowed on any drywall surface at The Venue at White Oak Farms.  No open flame candles are allowed on stairways. (Battery operated candles are acceptable). Candles must be enclosed in a glass container and located a safe distance from flammable materials. No confetti or glitter is allowed on the property. You may use real petals to the decorate the aisle only for a ceremony (if inside they must be light colored so as not to stain the floor). No faux or silk petals allowed outside.

Do you have a ceremony arbor?

Yes, we had a custom arbor made to match our building. You can decorate it in any style you like (drapery, florals, chandeliers, etc).

Here are the measurements: The arbor is 8 feet 7 inches tall from the top to the ground.  It is 7 feet 6 inches across the full span of it from left to right. The “inside” of the arbor from left to right is 6 ft 7 inches.  

What are the rules for alcohol?

You are able to purchase the alcohol at your cost, which is very favorable for you. Any and all alcohol that is served must be served by an approved ABC bartender.

We ask that no glass bottled beer is served (cans or using our custom kegerator is a great choice).  **Please note we cannot accept alcohol deliveries on any day other than your event day.**

We also require anyone serving alcohol to have purchased “host liquor liability” on your day of insurance. It’s an extra box you’ll check when you secure insurance. Wine and beer are allowed. Hard liquor requires an off-duty police officer or security guard.

I want to drop off items ahead of my wedding-is that allowed?

Because of our bookings schedule, we cannot allow you to drop off anything other than on the dates you’ve rented the building.  Others may be using the space, and we don’t want anything to get lost or damaged.

What time should I end my event?

This varies based on the day of the week. For example if you have a Friday or Saturday wedding and you are serving alcohol, last call should be no later than 10:00 pm and Grand Exit should be no later than 10:30.  This allows ample time to clear out the building of your personal belongings.

Wedding cancellation insurance-Do I need it?  

You have the option of purchasing wedding cancellation insurance.  These policies can be bought online or from your insurance agent. You invest a lot of money in your wedding and we recommend purchasing wedding cancellation insurance in the unfortunate situation of having to cancel your wedding.

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

The Venue at White Oak Farms strongly recommends that a bride and groom engage the services of a professional wedding planner to help with the design, planning and coordination of the host of issues which must be addressed. We recommend a professional because they have experienced hundreds of weddings over the years, and they know what it takes to pull off a successful wedding.  They are familiar with wedding layouts, contingency plans for inclement weather, family issues, etiquette issues and they communicate with ALL the vendors you have hired.

Read this popular blog post we published: Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

What kinds of resources do you offer brides after booking?

After you book with us, you get access to a private client website. On this site, you’ll see sample layouts, checklists for planning, checklist for caterers and even more detailed FAQs that will help you as you plan your big day! We also will be around during Booked Client Open Houses so if you have a question or need advice, one of our team will be there to help you. As the Bride or Groom, you also get to join our Private Facebook Group where we post lots of tips, tricks, photos and announcements. You will also have access to our Venue Manager via email for any questions we can help answer.

Will staff be at the venue during my wedding/event?

We have a Venue Assistant on hand at all times during an event.  He/she will be in the office at the back of the building should you need them.  This person oversees that everything with the venue itself is running smoothly (including lighting, thermostat needs, bathroom restocking, set up of White Oak Farms tables and chairs, and that the vendors are following the rules of the venue).  

What happens if it rains or there is inclement weather?

We as a venue cannot control the weather (we sure wish we could).  We do our best to make sure you dream layout is achieved so know that if you want an outdoor ceremony, we will do everything in our power to make that happen. In the event it is raining, most clients choose to do a Room Flip to go from ceremony to reception in approximately 15 minutes.  We have a very streamlined process on how these happen.