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Steph and Josh_The Venue at White Oak Farms
To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail
— Giorgio Armani

Some say the devil is in the details, but I tend to disagree!  I think details are the MOST important thing when it comes to any project.  I wanted to share some detail photographs with you all, and tell some of the stories behind them in today's blog.  


Last week, Josh and I and our kids set up these chairs for the first time in ceremony style in the Main Hall.  It really did feel surreal to see it transformed this way.  I came down the stairs as if I were a bride on her big day.  Josh and I both walked down the aisle, as our kids were giggling like crazy.  I chose these chairs for our venue because I felt like they were the perfect blend of rustic and modern.  I used these chairs often as an event planner in Nashville, and anyone that uses our venue has access to these fruitwood chairs.  I personally think they are beautiful, and I love the way they look in this ceremony configuration.


We purposefully made sure that the Main Hall had a white wall as the main focal point so that any color scheme would work, and it would be a clean canvas for any event that happens here.  I already envision so many beautiful ceremonies set up, and in just 2 weeks, our first White Oak Farms couple will be tying the knot in this exact space.


Y'all know by now, that Josh and I are huge lovers of antiques and vintages home furnishings.  We love scouring antique stores, estate sales, and finding unique pieces.  I spent over 18 months sourcing things for the venue that were one-of-a-kind pieces.  Here are a few of my favorites!

How fun are these "Ladies" and "Gents" signs?  I found these online after probably a whole month of searching. I didn't want standard restroom signs, so I would get online after the kids went to bed looking at online auction sites, Etsy, Craigslist and ebay looking for a matching pair.  I felt like I scored big when I found these.


Here are some detail shots of the downstairs women's and men's restrooms.  They are off the main foyer, so they are easily accessible but out of the view of guests in the Main Hall.  I'm obsessed with the flooring we picked out.  Robert and Gail with Smith Floor Covering in Jackson met with Joe, my builder, and me to hand select these tiles.  I knew I wanted a herringbone pattern in the floor detail on both restrooms.  I also knew for the women's restroom I wanted light and airy, and for the men's I wanted dark and masculine.  My sweet friend Jennifer sewed the bathroom vanity skirt, while I assisted her.  Sewing is an art I have not mastered, and I admire anyone who has that gift!  Julie with Posh Interiors in Jackson came to my rescue with the women's restrooms lights.  I had ordered a pair of sconces, and they had been in storage for several months.  When the electrician installed them, I quickly realized they were way too small for the space.  Thanks to Julie, I had this pair of sconces shipped overnight so the bathroom would be ready in time for City Farmhouse back in August.  Dawn and Teresa from Fern and Ivy helped me score the antique mirror in the men's restroom.  It's old and dark and has the original mirrored glass which is imperfect, but perfect at the same time.   (Shopping local is SO important. You get great customer service, and you keep your money local).


Now, let's move upstairs to two of my absolute favorite rooms that I was able to put together.  Upstairs overlooking the main hall are the Bridal Suite and the Groom's Suite.  Each room is a mirror image of the other as far as layout, but they are completely opposite in look.  The Groom's suite is dark and masculine (just like the downstairs men's restroom) and the Bridal Suite is light and airy.  Since they are mirror images of each other, they share a common wall.  I designed the windows in these rooms to be able to open up with no screens.  A bride and her groom can be at these windows and not see each other, while a photographer shoots their photo from down below.  (Also, the wedding party can peek out and see the arrival of guests).

When I designed these rooms, I sourced a lot of items over the last 18 months from multiple City Farmhouse Pop-Up Fairs in Franklin, Tennessee.  We stored the antique dressers in our personal barn, and Josh retrofitted them to make them vessel sinks.  (He has a gift for making my vision happen).  The antique American flag in the Groom's Suite came from a girl in Nashville who had it listed on an online site.  The vintage deer antlers came from multiple antique dealers in Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania!  The "W.Oak.Street" sign above the window in the groom's suite came from Chicago, Illinois.  It might stand for West Oak Street, but of course, in my mind, it stands for White Oak Street.  The industrial pipe wall mount was built by Josh. I told him I wanted something the groom and groomsmen could hang their tuxedos on, and this is what he created.  The coffee table came from the girls at Fern and Ivy, based on an inspiration pic I had sent them of something I saw in Sheryl Crow's house.  

Two of my favorite items we added to the groom's suite are personal family photos given to us by two of our neighbors.  We had Charlie, Jr. with Havner's frame them for us.

Mr. Isaiah Morris used to farm the land all around this property.  If you look out the window of the groom's suite, you'll see his grandson's house across the road.  We also have a portrait that was taken at Olan Mills Studios of the original owners of our property-Mr. and Mrs. Nichols.  Their son who is in his mid-90s still lives a few houses down, and he remembers when our land was a pig patch.  Wow-we've come a long way from being a pig patch !

We gave him a private tour a few weeks ago, and to watch his expression as he toured the building was priceless.  Hearing him talk about the land as he remembered it was something Josh and I will always treasure.  We love knowing the origin and history of everything.


I hope you enjoyed seeing some more details of the interior of The Venue at White Oak Farms.  We absolutely loved putting all these items in the venue, and we're still not done.  I will continually be adding more touches to the venue.  I always have my eye out for things to add!

Thanks for stopping by!


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